Alison Armstrong’s Understanding Women Unlock the Mystery Review


Understanding Women Unlock the Mystery is quite possibly one of the most amazing relationship workshops you’ll ever experience. Given by relationship expert Alison Armstrong, you’ll walk away with a completly different understanding of  how men and women view the world – and practical solutions to help understand each other better.

Throughout the workshop, Alison explains the emotional makeup of women, shedding light on specific female behaviours that men often find confusing and annoying.

Each session is packed with fascinating and clarifying discoveries about both men women, including some of Alison’s hallmark discoveries such as:

  • Diffuse awareness vs. Single focus – A woman’s capability to be aware of everything around her in an instant, compared to a man’s capability to focus entirely on one thing for many hours at a time. This makes women more susceptible to details in their surroundings (such as a messy room, crooked table cloth etc.) Alison explains the source for this phenomenon, how to appreciate it, and what a man should do to get a woman’s attention when too many things are speaking to her at once.
  • The Rage Monster – The demon in every woman that keeps track of misdeeds (“The Petty Offense File”) and, once provoked, will take over to wreak havoc. Once the Rage Monster takes over, it is not the woman screaming insults like a crazy person – it is the “monster”. Alison shares strategies to avoid provoking, and later make peace with, the terrible Rage Monster.
  • The Meadow Report – The reason why women include so many details when sharing an experience or giving instructions. Alison explains why the details are so important to women, and at the same time so frustrating to men, and gives practical tools to change daily conversations into satisfying experiences for both.

And more!

The presentation is heartwarming, funny, and complimentary to both men and women. Alison illuminates the unique qualities that each gender has to offer, fostering more love, appreciation and understanding among partners.

Pick up your copy of Understanding Women Unlock the Mystery. We promise that you won’t regret it.

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