Welcome to How Men Talk

Our goal here at How Men Talk is to break down the communication barriers that exist between men and women.

All too often, frustration and hurt feelings are simply the result of not understanding each other’s language. By understanding the differences between men and women, you can easily learn how to communicate in a way that will increase intimacy, develop a closer partnership and create the loving relationship that you’ve always wanted.

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The Difference in Men and Women’s Communication Patterns

The main reason that men and women communicate so differently is because they view the world very differently.

The trick is to learn how to understand men. Men view the world very much as hunters. They need to find their prey, whether it’s more money, a new job, a car, a woman.., and once they’ve identified where their prey is and how to get it, they won’t, and really can’t focus on anything else.

This of course can drive a woman crazy (unless she’s the one being hunted, then she enjoys it), simply because she doesn’t understand how men talk and view the world. Because a man can become so focused on something, he won’t pay attention to things that she considers important, like picking up his socks, taking the garbage out and remembering important dates, (like anniversaries and birthdays). And he’s supposed to do all of this WITHOUT being told!

Men and Women See the World Through Very Different Eyes

Men are what we call single focused. Women are what we call diffuse awareness.

What it means for a man to be single focused is that he is only able to focus on one thing at a time.

Not 2 things…not 3…1.

When men seemingly multitask they are not focusing on multiple things they are rapidly shifting their attention from one thing to the next. The result is that they aren’t able to do any one thing well.

But the beauty is that when men are focused on one project they will stop at nothing until they have accomplished their goal.

Women on the other hand have “diffuse awareness.” They focus on things very differently then men.

While men are able to have rock solid focus on one thing, women have the extremely talented ability to not be able to focus on ANYTHING!

That’s right, they don’t focus, and by not focusing they are able to be aware of everything simultaneously

This is actually a good thing because it makes women very good at what they do. If they’re running a home they can be aware of the pot on the stove and baby climbing on something dangerous and still be able to manage both extremely effectively. If a man had to do the task they would focus on cooking dinner and completely forget about the kid – this explains a lot doesn’t it?

Now the downside to this is that women unfortunately are aware of everything.

They’re aware of the socks on the floor, of the picture that’s hanging crooked on the wall. They’re aware that their husbands shirt has a stain on it…and the one thing they’re very aware of is how they look and how men talk about them – and if their in a relationship how one specific man talks to them…

How Men Talk: The goal of this site

The goal of this website is to try and answer any questions you might have about men and not only figure out how men talk, but also how men think.

We’ll say this, men and women are extremely and totally different! But not to worry there really are only a small number of steps you need to take to really understand men and create the relationship you’ve always wanted.